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Trisports Cervelo, HED and Zipp wheels for Triathlon Bikes

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 Help & Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) How do I register? 
(A) To register click on the "register" link found on both the right column of the main page and in the footer navigation, or click here.
(Q) I'm under 18, can I sign up?
(A) In accordance with United States law, users under the age of 18 may not register as placing a bid is considered a binding contract.
(Q) I am having trouble registering! After I click submit, all I see are spinning circles!!
(A) If you have this problem, simply click on the spinning circles and your registration will complete.
(Q) How can I place a bid? 
(A) To place a bid on an item you must first login to your account. After logging in, you can click on the "Make a Bid" button on the right side of the listing.
(Q) How can I keep track of items I'm bidding on? 
(A) You can see all items you are bidding on by visiting the "My Account" section and selecting "My Current Bids". 
(Q) Are all of the items listed on used or second-hand?
(A) No. The condition of each item is listed in the detail section of the listing. has a wide variety of items from slightly used to Brand New Closeouts with the tags and incredible prices. 
(Q) How can I tell what size an item is?
(A) On most listings, the size is found in the detail section of the listing, directly under the description. In some auctions, it is listed in the item's description. If no size is listed, please contact the buyer directly. 
(Q) I am interested in an item, but would like to know if it can be shipped internationally.
(A) Shipping is the sole discretion of the seller and you would need to contact them directly to see if they would be able to accommodate your request.
(Q) I placed a bid on an item, and I am the high bidder, but I noticed the words "Reserve Not Met" under the minimum bid. What does that mean?
(A) Sellers have the option of placing a listing with a reserve price. This is the lowest price at which they would be obligated to sell the item. If the auction closes and the highest bid is not above the reserve, the seller does not have to sell the item. This is a standard practice on almost all auction sites.
(Q) How do I know if I am outbid on an item? 
(A) Our auction system will automatically notify you via email if you are outbid.
(Q) How do I utilize the "Buy it Now" feature? 
(A)  If a seller has listed "Buy It Now" as an option, the "Buy It Now" button will appear in red on the item's listing page. Simply click on the button and complete the transaction.
(Q) I bid on an item and I am the high bidder, but the seller hasn't contacted me to finalize payment & shipping. What do I do?
(A) First, check and see if the auction is over. If you did not "Buy it Now" or there is still time remaining on the auction, you are not the winning bidder, you are only the high bidder. You must wait until the auction closes to determine if you win the item. The seller should contact you within 1-2 days after the auction closes. If the seller does not contact you and you are the winning bidder, you must first try to contact the seller directly. Go to the item's listing page and click on "contact seller". If you still do not receive a response, please email us at and we will help resolve the auction.
(Q) I have won an item, either through "Buy It Now" or being the winning bidder, so what do I do now? Do I pay
(A) If you have won an item, wait for the seller to contact you and/or send an invoice. All payment transactions are at the sole discretion of the seller and are listed on the item's listing page. is not involved in any way with the processing or procuring of payments for items won on the site. We will however try to assist both parties involved if there is a dispute of any sort over an item listed on our site.
(Q) How can I list an item? 
(A) You must first be a registered member. Once you have registered simply click the link in the header of the opening page "List an Item" or log into your account and click on "New Listing". Fill in the required information, upload or link to your picture and add any listing features you would like. When you complete the listing process, your item is instantly added to our site.
(Q) How can I keep track of items I'm selling? 
(A) You can see all of your current auctions by logging into your account and selecting "My Active Listings"
(Q) Can I use HTML when listing an item? 
(A) Yes.
(Q) What are Insertion Fees? 
(A) An Insertion Fee is a listing fee. Most online auction website such as EBay will charge the seller for insert or list their item, but we currently do not charge sellers for listing, or relisting their items. Here basic listings are FREE.
(Q) What are Final Value Fees? 
(A) A Final Value Fees is a fee paid by seller if your item is sold, ends with a winning bid, or is purchased. This fee applies whether or not you complete the sale with the buyer. 
(Q) What are Listing Features? 
(A) Listing Features are optional features to help increase bids and chances of selling success. These features are not free and will add cost to the listing.
(Q) How to retrieve my lost password or username? 
(A) You can retrieve your lost password or username by click here. Provide the email address you registered with our site and you will receive your login information via email.
 (Q) I have a question that isn't answered here!
(A) If you have another question which is not listed on this page, you can send us email by using the contact us form, or emailing us at We are always updating our Frequently Asked Questions and value any input as a means to serve you better.


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